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Selecting the correct size

Urns come in as many sizes and shapes as people or pets

Enter your loved one's approximate weight to determine the correct urn size.

Your loved one's weight

(in pounds)

Minimum urn capacity

(in cubic inches)

For every one pound of body weight, allow about 1 cubic inch capacity (for example, your 150 pound loved one will need an urn with a minimum capacity of 150 cubic inches). Remember, an urn can only be too small - if you're not sure, it's better to choose a larger urn.

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Become a Memorial Artist

If you would like to become an Une Belle Vie memorial artist, we encourage you to submit your artwork for consideration in our collection of keepsake urns. We’re looking for artists who understand the spirit and idea of celebrating a beautiful life. And we’re looking for pieces that will bring peace and joy to the families who own them.


About Our Artists: The Source of Our Unique Urns

Artistic cremation urns have one-of-a-kind personalities and stories ― much like the beloved people they honor and celebrate. Through inspiring designs, these unique urns can evoke memories of loved ones and create a sense of peace for grieving families.

Finding the right talent to create artistic urns

The team at Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns spends endless hours searching for artists who meet several criteria for creating artistic cremation urns. First, the team looks for artisans who have tremendous talent in their area of expertise ― from woodworking to glass sculpting to ceramics.

Just as important, the artists need to understand and respect the significance of creating unique urns for cremation. As the Une Belle Vie team explains, the right artists are eager to help grieving families.

"When we first speak with artists, they want to know the story behind our business, and you can tell right away when they get it," says Melody Jamali, co-founder of Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns.

"Our artists are committed to creating one-of-a-kind cremation urns that reflect our vision."


Inspiring collections of unique urns

In addition to their talent and vision, the artists need to have striking collections of unique urns. The Une Belle Vie team looks for artists who offer something new and different and have a great sense of inspiration.

"We’re always intrigued by an artist’s inspiration," Melody shares.

"We feel really fortunate to be partnering with such talented artists. We trust each other, and that means everyone’s willing to go above and beyond to create beautiful, artistic urns that honor and celebrate loved ones."

To see our artists’ work, browse our gallery our check out our selection of Une Belle Vie exclusive urns.

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