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Selecting the correct size

Urns come in as many sizes and shapes as people or pets

Enter your loved one's approximate weight to determine the correct urn size.

Your loved one's weight

(in pounds)

Minimum urn capacity

(in cubic inches)

For every one pound of body weight, allow about 1 cubic inch capacity (for example, your 150 pound loved one will need an urn with a minimum capacity of 150 cubic inches). Remember, an urn can only be too small - if you're not sure, it's better to choose a larger urn.

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An urn store with compassion:
Why (and how) we offer works of art at discount urn prices

Early in 2009, entrepreneur Mike Jamali watched a story on the national news about the growing need for custom, artistic urns. Many people, the news reported, want to buy an urn that is special and unique. Mike began thinking about creating an online urn store that would offer beautiful, one-of-a-kind urns. He and his 21-year-old son, Eric, started to research the urn business, but time constraints put their project on hold.

Tragically, Eric was killed in an accident in June 2009.

Overcome with all the emotions and stress associated with losing their son, Mike and Melody Jamali struggled to find an urn that best represented Eric. They were presented with an array of overpriced, uninspired urns, and they felt rushed and pressured to buy an urn they didn’t want. Exhausted and disheartened, they ended up buying an urn that held little meaning as a final resting place for Eric.


An urn store that gives families beautiful, affordable urns

In the weeks following Eric’s death, what started out as a business idea ― an urn store with custom cremation urns ― became a personal passion for the Jamali family. They vowed to launch an urn store that gives grieving families affordable and joyful options to remember their loved ones.

"People are being taken advantage of in their most vulnerable moments," Mike explains. “They’re being pressured to buy an urn that may be meaningless and outrageously priced. I want people to know, hey, you do have options. If you want something extraordinary for your loved one’s final resting place, you can have it."


How Une Belle Vie offers artistic urns at the prices of discount urns

Through research, the Jamalis discovered that many urns ― particularly metal urns ― have exorbitant price mark-ups. If you were to compare urn prices between Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns and many funeral homes, you’d find that Une Belle Vie’s urn prices were significantly lower.

The reason is simple.

To reduce urn prices for grieving families, the Jamalis buy their urns directly from U.S. artists and international urn manufacturers whenever they can, and they import the urns themselves. This eliminates the mark-ups of middlemen, which can easily double or triple urn prices. Their direct contact with artists and manufacturers also helps ensure that the urns are of the highest quality standards.

Through Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns, Mike and Melody Jamali have created an urn store that offers beautiful, brand new urns at the prices of discount urns, giving families peace of mind and positive memories of their loved ones. The company focuses on providing a supportive experience ― whether families are planning for the future or coping with the passing of a loved one.


Their son’s inspiration

For the Jamalis, their love for Eric is a driving force behind their efforts.

Mike shares, "When this type of loss touches your immediate family, it gives you a whole different perspective. When Eric died, it helped us understand there’s such a need for compassion in this industry and reasonable urn prices. It gave us a sense of urgency."

"This store is our passion," Melody says. "We’re doing this in honor of our son."

To learn more about Eric, please read the Jamali family's tribute to their son.


The Eric Cares Program

We are happy to announce Eric Cares, a program that offers assistance and resources to families in need who have lost a child to terminal illness. Having lost our son in 2009,our goal is to help grieving families celebrate and commemorate the beautiful life of their child.

Founded in 2010 by the Jamali Family of Denver, Colorado, Eric Cares offers families in need a resource when they need it most. In conjunction with the non-profit organization There With Care, Eric Cares was established to support and assist families with funeral arrangements and expenses following the loss of a child. We understand the devastating emotional and financial implications of childhood illnesses and want you to know that we are here to help. Whether you need financial assistance to defray funeral expenses or a direct referral to a funeral home to assist you in planning your child's memorial, you can expect the most compassionate and timely assistance from Eric Cares.

To obtain additional information about Eric Cares, call Melody Jamali at 303.867.7736. Currently, Eric Cares is only available to families that live in the metro Denver area.

Donate to support families in need.

The story behind our prices
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