Memorable Memorial Ideas for Loved Ones

Monday, November 12th, 2012

If your loved one has passed away recently, you may have found yourself with the task of having to plan a memorial service for your family member. When you’re grieving, this can be a difficult task to have to organize because your mind is racing between real life and your emotions and memories of this person whom you loved so dearly. In order to assist you, we’ve compiled a list of memorial ideas for loved ones. Some revolve around ceremony and services, while others are a lasting testament to your loved one that you can revisit when you need at any time.


Set up a memorial fund

When a loved one passes, use their death to save the lives of others. By requesting that guests make donations on behalf of your loved one rather than send flowers or food, you can ensure that you have a memorial that will do more to help others in need. There are a number of charities from which to choose, so pick what works best for your loved one and make it known.


Create a memory quilt

Memorial ideas for loved ones don’t have to center around the service. The idea of creating a memorial quilt is something that you can do with friends and family and have something physical left to remind you of your loved one.


Plant a garden

Let your loved one live on and give life after their death. Planting a garden using your loved one’s cremains is a great memorial idea for loved ones. You can select their favorite flowers and plants and create a space that’s perfect for visiting when you feel the need to be close to the family member that you lost.


Bury their ashes at sea

If your loved one was more at home on the water than on land, memorial ideas for loved ones include having their cremains buried at sea in a biodegradable cremation urn. Be sure to follow the proper regulations when holding a burial at sea.


Buy a star

If you want to have the light of your loved one always shining down on you, buying a star is one of the more unique memorial ideas for loved ones. Registering a star in your loved one’s name is a thoughtful and easy memorial for you and your family to do as a reminder that they will always be looking down from the heavens and watching over you.

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