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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

The only time we sit down over here at Une Belle Vie is to (1) review new artists for our collection, and (2) have conversations with our colleagues, staff, customers and other fun folk who make our days brighter. Not a bad gig, right?

Today, let’s have a look at glass urns for cremation (as it’s one of the LAST materials people think of when it comes to a celebration vessel) and what the latest news is for us over here at Une Belle Vie.

Glass cremation urns – a delicate artistic medium for celebrating the lives of those we love. There are talented glass artisans the world over and we’re delighted to have found several who are the perfect compliment to our collection of artistic urns here at Une Belle Vie. If you’ve never thought of glass as a material for a cremation urn, have a look – the artisans who comprise our collection are exceptional and offer everything from Alice in Wonderland-style creativity to stunning Asian-inspired shapes. When choosing pieces for our collection, we not only seek to satisfy traditional views on what a cremation urn looks like but offer eye-opening designs that challenge convention – we think our collection of glass cremation urns does that well!

As for what’s happening here at Une Belle Vie, we’ll give you a list:

Thanks for stopping by today and to end with a little heartstring-tugger: whose life makes YOURS more beautiful today? Celebrate.

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