Is Cremation Really Cheaper than Traditional Burial?

cheap cremationThere is a prevailing concept in today’s society that cremation is the cheaper option when it comes to burial and what to do with your loved one’s remains after they pass away. While it’s true that caskets are costly and burial plots cost extra, cremation is not necessarily the least expensive option depending on what other plans you make with regards to the funeral or memorial service.

What can make cremation just as costly as a traditional funeral? It’s all of the add ons that the family feels would be beneficial at the funeral or memorial service. If you decide that you would like to hold a viewing before your loved one is cremated, then you will need to rent a casket (if a director insists you must buy a casket, then look elsewhere because many funeral homes offer rental caskets) and, if the viewing is several days after their passing, you will need to have the body embalmed to prevent further decay before the viewing.

Cremation urns can also add a more to your funeral bill than expected. While there are a wide variety of beautiful cremation urns available online for reasonable prices, if you opt for more decorative urns or urns made from more expensive materials, you can spend quite a bit of money on the cremation urn you want to memorialize your loved one. If you’re on a budget, you can easily find a beautiful urn for right around $100.

Other details, such as cremation urn burial, can add to the overall bill as well. Many cemeteries have a columbarium, where families can pay to have their loved one’s cremains stored for the years to come. This is not a free service and the space costs money.

So how can you ensure that you get the best value from cremation? Opt for direct cremation, skip the viewing and embalming and keep the cremation urn on display in your home as a memorial. For more creative tips on how to keep cremation costs down, check out this article.

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