Strange but True: Fun Facts about Cremation

cremation facts silicone implant removalCremation is a process that’s seen a big resurgence in the last decade after centuries of being practically taboo. While many baby boomers are opting to have their remains cremated rather than buried, the process still isn’t quite as well known as the typical burial or embalming processes. Just like with burial, there are some crazy facts, stories or procedures that make the topic of cremation a really fascinating one to learn a little more about.  Here are some facts about cremation that we think you’ll find interesting.


  • In 1920, there were only 20 working crematories in the US. By 2003, there were over 1,800 crematories all over the country.
  • Modern cremation doesn’t actually involve flames. It’s the intense heat that reduces the body to ashes, also known as cremains.
  • In fact, initially, the cremains don’t resemble the final “ashes” that people place in cremation urns. The final processor is called the cremator, which presses the bone fragments into a fine powder.
  • Pacemakers with lithium batteries are removed from the body before cremation since the batteries explode in the high temperatures of the furnace, causing serious damage to the structure.
  • Silicone breast implants are also typically removed from the body since cremains tend to stick to the implants.
  • States that have the highest cremation rates: Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Montana, Maine, Colorado, Vermont, New Hampshire

See? Cremation has a lot of interesting aspects to it that you might not have known already. While you’re in a learning mood, why not take the time to check out the evolution of funerals, unique memorials for loved ones  and our infographic on death and memorials.

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