A Life, Celebrated: Custom Cremation Urns

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Custom cremation urns are one aspect of life here at Une Belle Vie that we take quite seriously. While our showroom is filled with decorative urns to suit any lifestyle or family member, there are always those cases where something from our shelves won’t fit what you envision.

We spend our days reviewing artist portfolios from around the globe. The artist who can create a custom cremation urn is one who understands the process of taking words and ideas and turning them into a piece of art that conveys personality. A custom cremation urn should speak to you and remind you of the joy that your loved one brought to your life. The hours we spend in search of artists ensure that when you contact us about a custom cremation urn, we can translate your request into a targeted list of talented artists who will best suit your vision.

Ever wonder what our artists would like to know in order to create a custom cremation urn for your loved one? Here’s a list of questions to ponder in the process – the answers will make it infinitely easier to deliver the vessel of your dreams.

  • Personality: Whether the urn is for you and you’re in the pre-planning stage or you’re in search of the ideal memorial for a loved one, share with the artist those things that make the life unique: sports, passions, hobbies, temper, travel favorites…Personality translates into art.
  • Purpose: Let the artist understand where your custom cremation urn will reside. Are you mobile and need something portable? Would you like to explore a wall hanging? Perhaps there’s a special bookshelf in a favorite room that’s the ideal memorial location. In addition, help the artist understand whether you envision a custom urn that will be displayed or intended for burial.
  • Peculiar? There’s nothing strange about wanting to turn something into a cremation urn. From a favorite baseball glove to a part from a ’68 Mustang, our artists can work with you to ensure that your custom cremation urn is truly one of a kind. When in doubt, ask us. There’s not much that can’t be done to help you celebrate a beautiful life.

Contact us using our simple online custom urn request form if you’d like to learn more about our custom cremation urns. We’d be delighted to put you i touch with artists who will not only listen to your ideas, but take those ideas and hand-craft a memorial fitting for the one you love.

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