Companion Urns: Unremitting Love and Union

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

A life lived together in harmony and acceptance, encouragement and reliance, deserves a living symbol of unity beyond this life. Companion urns provide a tangible symbol for love that endures, a lasting remembrance of undying affection. A companion urn is a memorial urn with one large compartment in which the cremains of two lovers, spouses, parents, or grandparents—even siblings—can be preserved together forever, memorializing the couple, their closeness, and their love.

Double urns serve a similar purpose, with two standard sized compartments allowing the couple to rest side by side after death as they did during life. Double urns afford artisans a great deal of creative latitude in representing the companionship, and even spirituality, of the couple, often taking the form of a sculpture of two people enjoying time together, or of symbolically paired forms, such as swans, doves, or other animals who mate for life.

Preserving the memory and spirit of loving couples

Like any cremation urn, companion urns and double urns offer a way to not only preserve the memory of our loved ones, but also to dignify the meaningful traditions or faith the couple honored in life. They may be adorned with religious symbols, such as the cross or crucifix, or decorated with peaceful engravings or paintings of the natural world. These often unique containers can also express a couple’s whimsy or sense of fun, taking the shape of bowling pins, motorcycle fuel tanks, or dancers.

Because they symbolize the everlasting nature of love, companion urns and double urns should be hand-crafted of the most lustrous and durable materials available to ensure years, even centuries of memories and warmth. Remember, custom-designed companion urns or double urns may take longer to fabricate, so be sure to ask your vendor about the estimated turnaround time.

Who knows the true meaning of your companionship better than you and the one you’ve spent your life with?

By taking the time and investing the effort to think, to talk, to plan how you and the one you love wish to be memorialized, together you can select the companion urn that best symbolizes the joy and endurance of your love and life together.

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