Life, Death and Living On: Art Helps Celebrate in Times of Need

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
Art shapes life - and vice versa here at Une Belle Vie

Art shapes life - and vice versa here at Une Belle Vie

The top phrase we hear all the time:

You blog about cremation?

Why, yes. Yes we do! Last week marked the launch of our Denver-area showroom and it was most definitely a day filled with celebration. It wasn’t one filled with death. While the loss of our son, Eric, in 2009 prompted the vision you see here at Une Belle Vie today, we asked ourselves how we would be different from other companies that happen to offer comfort to our target customers…how we would help build a community of support instead of focus on loss.

The bottom line came down to this: while cremation urns are a definite need in the marketplace, why does an urn have to be an urn? Each and every day since we’ve prepared for Une Belle Vie’s launch, we’ve been introduced to more and more artists who are creating stunning artistic celebrations of life with their closed-vessel work. It’s a gift – really. And then we realized:

These unique urns we’ve been lucky enough to stumble across are not vessels of death – they’re a loved one living on through art.

Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite pieces in our gallery and my thoughts on the type of person they might help memorialize. After all, we may never be lucky enough to know your family and those you love, but we can anticipate the impact of each and every piece we choose for the Une Belle Vie collection.

A Pet Urn for a Precious Pup - Your furry friend sat in your lap and always seemed to find the muddy spot in the backyard. Snoring was par for the course. And those eyes -  how can you say no to puppy dog eye? We loved the subtle nature of the raised bone design on this pet urn.

A Deli-Cat Kitty Cat Urn - Your prized feline had a tail that left the room five minutes after they did. It twined around door casings and you stepped on it once or twice over the years, but it was adorable to see how it looked wrapped-around their body when they snoozed in your lap on a snowy afternoon. A masterfully-designed cat urn – unique to a tee.

A Unique Box-Shaped Urn for the Man Made of Everything – This artistic urn’s main ceramic vessel celebrates the infinite texture of a life well-lifed. Perhaps a world traveler or simply the man with so many hobbies he couldn’t tell you his favorite, the combination of ceramic and metal is a fitting memorial for someone you simply can’t sum-up in a few words.

Capturing Energy in a Hand-Crafted Wooden Urn – We fell in love the moment we saw the turquoise sunburst pattern in this wooden cremation urn made from rescued Box Elder Burl. It’s as if life emanates from inside with the innovative exterior design. The natural texture of wood reminds us of how many layers there are to a human life – this gorgeous urn was a must-have for the Une Belle Vie collection.

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