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Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
Road trip to your bliss!

Road trip to your bliss!

It’s always a good time to add more joy to your life. Often, helping someone else will give you just the lift you need. Sometimes, though, you may also need a little adventure all your own. If you’re having trouble thinking of what can possibly add sparkle to your life, here are a few ways to rediscover your sense of adventure:

Take a Road Trip

If you can get away, even for an afternoon, consider traveling to a place you’ve never been to before. You don’t have to go far. Road trips give you the flexibility to travel intuitively, to change your mind if a new road looks interesting or you realize you’d like to spend more time in one particular spot, or less time in another. Get out a map, point yourself in a new direction, and allow yourself to explore.

Revisit Your Childhood Loves

You already know what you love to do. Just look to the past for inspiration. Were you the little ballet dancer who practiced jetés and pirourettes everywhere you went? Were you the star of the pee-wee hockey team (or did you want to be)? Whatever activity you loved as a child, there is an adult version, and it’s probably as close as your local recreation center, adult education center, or park. Join a sports league or community choir, take a dance class, pick up that instrument, or go climb a tree. Yes, you’ll feel silly at first, but that’s part of the fun.

It’s Never Too Late to Follow a Dream

Barbara Sher, author of self-actualization workbooks like Wishcraft and It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now, tells us that we can always have the essence of our dreams, the part we love the most, even if circumstance or age means the exact dream isn’t possible. For example, have you always wanted to see Paris, but you can’t afford it or can’t get away now? Think about what you love about Paris: Is it the art? The sidewalk cafés? Chatting with people of a different culture, in a different language? All of these things can be found in your town, or the nearest city. Let yourself learn to paint, spend time in local art museums, join a French-speaking club, or help greet new immigrants moving to your part of the country. There is always something you can do to bring more of your dreams to life. Take another look at each of your impossible dreams. Find the part that’s possible, the part you truly love, and never let it go. As Joseph Campbell says, “Follow your bliss!”

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