Quick Ways to Make the World a Better Place

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
ways to bring joy une belle vie

ways to bring joy une belle vie

There are many ways to bring more joy to your life. One of the most effective is to share something good with other people, to make the world a better place. If your schedule is already over-stuffed, it can be difficult to find time, but there are some simple, low-time-commitment things you can do.

Clean Out Your Closet or Garage

You know that your local charity thrift store—be it for Goodwill, Disabled American Veterans, Salvation Army, or another good cause—is always asking for donations. Clear out all that extra stuff Thrift shop donations are not given directly to people in need. Instead, they are sold to anyone who wants them, and the proceeds go to support the organization that runs the shop. This means you’re doing double duty to make the world better: sharing your unwanted stuff with people who will enjoy it more, and raising money for a worthy cause, all without spending a dime. Added bonus for you: Your home will feel cheerier and life will be easier with less clutter.

Donate Blood

This isn’t for everybody, of course. For the safety of donors and recipients, only people who are in good health and have a relatively clean medical history are allowed to donate blood—but that’s one of the reasons why donating, if you can, feels so good. If you are healthy enough to be eligible to donate, celebrate your good fortune by sharing the gift of life with people who are healing from severe injuries and living with chronic diseases. Check with the American Red Cross to find a blood drive or donation center near you and read about eligibility requirements. Not sure if you’re healthy enough to give? Call the Red Cross and ask. You may be surprised. You can make an appointment at the time that works best for you. The whole process is clean, friendly, and takes about an hour. Giving blood is one of the simplest, quickest things you can do to make a big difference in another person’s life.

Volunteer for One Day

We all know that there are plenty of worthy organizations in need of volunteers, but it’s overwhelming to imagine fitting volunteer time into your already overstuffed schedule. You may still have time to make a difference. Not all volunteer activities are long-term commitments. Throughout the year, many non-profits need help with major events that last for only one day. The VolunteerMatch web site makes it easy to search for opportunities of all kinds, from one day deals to long-term, full-time jobs, in your local area. You can search by area of interest, so you’ll find volunteer work that really matters to you. Online opportunities are also available, so you can change the world from your laptop.


If you’re going through a tough time, chances are that someone else in your life is, too. Take time to focus on another person. Find out how they’re really feeling, and offer your support. Let the people in your life know you’re there for them.

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