Memorial Urns: A Caring Way to Remember Man’s Best Friends

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Losing a family pet can be just as trying in some ways as losing a human family member. And when it comes to making end of life arrangements, the process is remarkably similar. If you’re one of the 39% of American families (according to the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association), who own a dog, you may want to start thinking and planning for this difficult time now. Besides making the cremation arrangements, a space for the memorial urn will need to be secured, either at a pet cemetery, in your home, or perhaps a favorite spot in the backyard.

Typically, pet cremation takes place at the veterinarian’s office, or the vet might have a relationship with a crematory where the body will be transported. This is perfectly appropriate of course, but some dog owners don’t feel that this process reflects the love and respect they feel for their dog. These people find themselves searching for a way to remember their dog in a more unique way, one more suited to his or her personality. A dog memorial urn is an elegant and moving solution for these pet owners.

If you have children, allowing them to participate in the planning and in the memorial ceremony can be a way to help them learn to accept the loss of their companion, and to learn about death and the grief process in general. Let them help you choose the memorial urn and, if they are old enough, in the dispersal or scattering of the cremains.

Memorial Urns for Your Dog

When a person is cremated, memorial urns can be purchased that reflect their hobbies, their traditions, and/or their impact on those around them. A memorial urn for your dog can do the same. A dog memorial urn can take the form of a sculpture of your dog, a box shaped like his or her dog house, a photo box, even a fire hydrant. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and your concern for how your companion is to be remembered. These dog memorial urns are available in a variety of sizes, colors, materials, and finishes and can even be made of biodegradable materials if you would like to do your part in preserving our natural environment for future generations of dogs and their people.

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