Make it Personal: Plan Your Own Funeral

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

plan your own funeralWhen it comes to your memorial service or funeral, have you left any requests for your family and loved ones? What sort of planning have you done to ensure that your funeral best represents the way that you want to be remembered after you die? While there are many good reasons why you should begin to plan your funeral before you pass away, one of the big ones that many people focus on, is the desire to have a memorial service tailored to your exact specifications. There are so many options out there, so why not look into them and plan ahead so your family isn’t left making the big decisions after you are gone?

One author, Erika Dillman, has taken the art of planning your own funeral to new heights and she’s written a book called “The Party of Your Life: Get the Funeral You Want by Planning it Yourself.” In this book, she talks about the benefits of taking the time to plan your “going away party” to ensure that it’s exactly what you want. Now, more than ever, people want more control over their funeral and why should you be any different?

Dillman says, “You’ve gone through all the trouble of dying, you deserve better. In order to get that, you need to do some work up front.”

That does mean doing a little legwork to find what you would like at your service. Whether you want a custom casket, or you would prefer screen printed t-shirts and a dance party complete with a disco, the time to plan for your own memorial service is now.


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