A Rose by Any Other Name: People Who Redefine "Art"

Monday, February 8th, 2010
A rose by any other name - why must a cremation urn look like an URN?

A rose by any other name - why must a cremation urn look like an URN?

I don’t know about you, but two of my favorite TV shows are appetizing…and one’s not appetizing at all. Strangely, they’re all about making an “art” out of your life’s work.

Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss are just delicious television. I’m endlessly amazed at how these culinary pros turn cake into scale models of Yankees Stadium and the Millennium Falcon or aircraft carrier. My other fave, Dirty Jobs, goes to show the nitty-gritty on all those jobs we forget that people really do. And there are people who love doing these jobs (from mealworm farmers to diaper cleaning services).

It goes to show you: a rose by any other name…well, it’s still a rose. It just might take some convincing (and some willingness on YOUR part) to embrace it.

As we work towards our grand opening, we’re asking you to put your thinking caps on:

What have you seen that’s NOT what it seems?

Here’s a fun example we shared on our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter today. When we lost our son, Eric, last year, our family realized that not everyone lives the same way. That also meant that every life will be celebrated differently. Everyone has quirks, passions, personality traits and…just those things…that make us smile. They’re the things you understand about people when you truly get to know them. They’re the gifts (and they’re awesome).

Our goal with Une Belle Vie is to open the public’s eyes to the artistic side of remembering a loved one. You may find your loved one’s more comfortable (and better-suited) to an artistic vintage vacuum cleaner piece than a traditional urn. We’re here to make that a reality and open the doors to you to help us achieve that. So we’ll repeat:

What have you seen that’s NOT what it seems?

We’re looking for the coolest of the cool, oddest of the odd and the joy in the joyous – all we ask is that you keep the links family-friendly. It doesn’t have to be an urn (but cool urn ideas are always welcome). We just love the eye-benders! Submit a comment below with your eye-bending link and we’ll start you off with a few of our own:

This is not a mousetrap. (cheese board)

These are not pillows. (cake)

This is not a board game. (cake…again)

These are not plastic bowls. (vinyl LPs)


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