Strange But True: Funeral News from Around the Country

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Everest climberHere at Une Belle Vie, we like to collect articles about some of the more bizarre happenings in the funeral news around the country. Some make us shake our heads, some make us giggle a little, and they are all unforgettable. So we thought we would share several stories with you today.

Funeral Directors to Start Recycling Implants

In a fairly green move by the funeral industry, many directors have expressed interest in recycling prosthetic implants such as pacemakers, hips and knees. When a body is cremated, these items must be removed before the process or they simply don’t break down with the rest of the cremains. Funeral directors are then left with the option to throw the useful prosthetic away or they can return it to the manufacturer. The amount of knee, hip and shoulder replacement surgeries are on the rise and many funeral homes, in an effort to do some good have started recycling all of these prosthetic implants and donating the money to charity.

Woman Dies after Waking Up at Her Own Funeral

This article tends to awaken that little fear most of us have of being mistakenly declared dead, when really, we’re still alive. It happened to a woman in Russia who woke up at her own funeral. She was awakened by the sounds of mourners filing past her casket and started screaming. A few moments later, she suffered a major heart attack and was rushed to the hospital, only to be pronounced dead once again 12 minutes later.

Everest Climber Finds His Missing Friend on the Mountain

Unfortunately, his friend had not survived the summit of the mountain and was mummified on the mountain, like so many other climbers before. His friend had made an attempt at the summit several months earlier, but was unable to make the decent when bad weather set in. We can only wonder what it would be like to see a friend resting peacefully on Mount Everest while you make the same trek that they did not complete. The climber said, “You could see his face. It was just like he was lying on his back, taking a rest.”


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