Strange But True: More Unique Ways to Memorialize Cremains

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

stained glass cremainsAs funeral traditions and memorial services change with the times, so do methods of burial of our loved ones’ cremains. We’ve highlighted some of the more unique things that you can do with cremains and now we have found a new collection of creative ways to use ashes to memorialize your loved one.

Stained Glass

Cremains can be melted down, along with the sand it takes to create glass, and the result is the same luminous glass that is used to decorate windows around the world. Use the stained glass created using your loved one’s cremains to create a window looking into your home. The light shining through the glass will remind you of your loved one and provide warmth and beauty in your home.

Comic Book Ink

For the ultimate graphic novel fan, the idea of being printed in the pages of their favorite comic book would be a dream come true and one editor, Mark Gruenwald, actually made a dream become reality when he had his trace amounts of his cremains mixed with the inked used to print a comic book.


The man who made Frisbees famous chose to have his cremains pressed into limited edition Frisbees, which were then sold to raise money to build a disc golf museum. The museum never got built, but the Frisbees are now very valuable, so they aren’t the kind you would want to use to play fetch with Fido. The idea is novel and could inspire various sports enthusiasts to have their ashes incorporated into a piece of equipment associated with their favorite sport.

Commission a Painting

Cremains mix easily with paint, so you can have a memorial painting commissioned to remember your loved one using their ashes mixed in with the paint itself. Whether you decide to have the painting be a portrait or something more timeless and abstract is up to you, but in the end, you would have a painting honoring a loved one made using part of your loved one.



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