Take a Chance, Create a Joyful Life

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
Take the chance - make the leap

Take the chance - make the leap

The crazier life gets, the more tempted you’ll be to make life safer and more reliable, but the quickest way to rediscover joy in your life is to take a chance: try something new, conquer a fear, reach out. The world is full of talk about risk management, minimizing uncertainty and staying safe. Of course it’s important to take care of yourself, but too much safety can be stifling. Consider taking a positive risk—one that won’t destroy you if it all comes out wrong, but that will add a fresh spark to your life if it goes even a little bit right. If the potential for delightful results outweighs the potential for failure, give it a try. There are many ways to add joy to your life by taking a small, calculated chance on the world, other people and yourself.

Embrace Adventure

Take a chance on the world! Go on that trip you’ve always dreamed about, even if you might get confused or a little bit lost. Try a new sport, one that’s just a little bit challenging for you, whatever your age and fitness level. Take up a new hobby, even if you know you’ll look silly while you’re learning the ropes. Remember how you learned so much as a young child: you tried new things all the time, you took those wobbly first steps, you trusted that people would love you for your wonderful self, even if you weren’t perfect at everything you tried. Give yourself that freedom again.

Take a Chance on Someone Else

Letting other people into your heart is always risky, but human beings leave the biggest marks on our lives, negative and positive. Risk reaching out. Allow yourself to take a chance on someone new. Do something kind for a complete stranger. Connect with that intriguing new acquaintance, and get to know them better. Share what matters to you, and find out if they understand. Opening yourself up to other people is one of the biggest risks you can take in life, but it’s also the biggest opportunity for joyful returns. Feeling especially brave? Maybe it’s time to forgive someone. If an important relationship in your life is broken, maybe now is the time to revisit it. Forgiveness is always risky, but after all this time, could it be a positive risk?

Security and structure are good for the soul, but too much safety can be stifling. Find some balance between comfort and positive risk. Take a chance today!

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