Urns for Pets: Cherish the Memory of Your Faithful Companion

Pets have long been far more than “just animals,” to those of us with whom they have shared their lives. As friends and trusted companions, when they pass, they deserve the peaceful resting place one of our unique urns for pets’ ashes provides. An urn for pet ashes can also help you and your family keep fond memories of your beloved cat or dog fresh in your mind.

Artistic Pet Urns That are Ideal for Display

Because each dog or cat has such a distinctive personality, our urns for pets are designed with a unique style as well, so you can select a special vessel that reflects and expresses who they really were, and their importance in your life.

Our collection of pet cremation urns may include whimsical sculptures of cats, metal vessels shaped like dog bones, or traditional urns with paw print designs. We use a variety of materials ― including ceramics, metals, wood, and hand-blown glass ― so you can find an animal urn that best reflects the essence of your beloved pet.

Selecting the Ideal Urn Size for Your Pet

Our beautiful pet urns come in many sizes, from very small urns for animals that are just a few pounds, to large urns for animals up to 100 pounds (if you need an urn for a larger animal, such as a large dog or horse, please contact us).

Generally, when estimating the urn size needed for cremation ashes, it's best to estimate one cubic inch per pound. With a pet, however, you may wish to subtract fur or hair weight, particularly if your pet had a thick coat.

If you're unsure of what size is appropriate, please reach out to us in your time of need; we're happy to help you make an estimate.

View Our Collection to Find a Special Pet Urn

Look through our collection of urns for pets, and find a special vessel for your devoted friend. In addition to our general pet memorials, we also offer specialized urns for dogs and cats. If you have any questions, you're always welcome to contact us.