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Selecting the correct size

Urns come in as many sizes and shapes as people or pets

Enter your loved one's approximate weight to determine the correct urn size.

Your loved one's weight

(in pounds)

Minimum urn capacity

(in cubic inches)

For every one pound of body weight, allow about 1 cubic inch capacity (for example, your 150 pound loved one will need an urn with a minimum capacity of 150 cubic inches). Remember, an urn can only be too small - if you're not sure, it's better to choose a larger urn.

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Infant urns, baby urns and child urns to celebrate a young life

To cherish the memory of a young one and help ease the burden on those left behind, we offer a special collection of baby urns, infant urns and child urns. Each small urn is precious, whether it’s forged from fine metals ― such as silver, bronze and polished brass ― or hand crafted from clay, glass or wood.

Child and Infant Urns:

6 Item(s) Sort by Show per page
  1. Sweet Dreams Natural Wooden Urn - View 1

    Sweet Dreams Natural
    Out of Stock
  2. Solid Maple Chest Urn - View 1

    Solid Maple Chest -- Small
  3. Homage Wooden Urn - View 1

    $200.00 - $500.00
  4. Hexagon Wooden Photo Urn - View 1

    Wooden Hexagon Photo
    Price starting at: $600.00
  1. Box Elder Keepsake Urn - View 1

    Box Elder Keepsake
  2. Harlequin Photo Urn - View 1

    Harlequin Photo
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