Cherish Beautiful Memories with Graceful, High Quality Artistic Urns

Your loved one never blended into the crowd or faded into the background. When you choose one of our beautiful, unique artistic urns, neither will their final resting place.

Capturing the personality, dignity and gusto of your loved one, these artistic cremation urns stand out from the typical vessels you’ll find at funeral homes or online.

Unique urns for cremation – a work of art you’ll be proud to display

While it may be possible for you to find your loved one a dignified or peaceful final resting place, few of these run of the mill selections will express the distinctive spirit that set them apart like one of our artistic cremation urns.

These beautiful urns are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, many hand-made by artists who specialize in funerary pieces. We’re proud to work with these talented artisans, who are selected for their dedication to the craft, their creativity, and their compassion. They understand that when you put your trust in them to create an artistic cremation urn, they are creating more than just a work of art – you’re honoring a lifetime of love and accomplishment.

Artistic urns are available in many styles and materials

Une Belle Vie carries unique urns in a variety of styles. We understand that in times of stress even small tasks such as selecting the right urn can seem overwhelming. Our goal is to offer you a variety of high-quality options, in styles ranging from traditional to totally unique, and never less than extraordinary.

The materials used to create these artistic urns are chosen just as carefully as the artists themselves. Available materials include elegant glass, uniquely glazed ceramics, warm woods, and more. Browse our gallery for inspiration, and if you don’t find a piece that you believe truly captures the spirit of your loved one, reach out to a Custom Urn Curator to help design a custom urn that honors the life of the deceased.

In addition to our varied selection of standard sized urns, we also offer a variety of smaller keepsake sized urns that are just as individual and distinctive – perfect for families who would like to share the ashes of the deceased, while retaining a portion of the cremation ashes for display in one of our artistic cremation urns.

Artistic urns honor your dog or cat

We also understand the impact that the loss of a beloved pet can have on your family. To honor their special place in your life, we create unique artistic pet urns of uncompromising quality that reflect their unconditional love, and express their unique personality and zest for life.

These handcrafted art pieces will serve as both loving memorials to your furry friend, and as a beautiful addition to your home’s decor.

A low pressure, personalized purchasing experience

In your time of stress, we understand that compassion and empathy are the qualities you need the most. If you need additional assistance selecting the perfect urn to honor your loved one or pet, we offer the opportunity to work one on one with a Custom Urn Curator who can walk you through the sizing process, direct you to the style of urn that honors your loved one, or assist you as you begin the process of designing a custom urn from scratch.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to your Custom Urn Curator, who will be happy to assist you with answers to your questions and additional options.

Browse our collection of one-of-a-kind artistic cremation urns, or contact a Custom Urn Curator to design a unique urn.