Ashes to Glass — Custom Memorial Glass Ash Urns

Your loved one's ashes can be incorporated into a custom hand blown glass memorial, or inurned in a more traditional urn, made of glass. Either option will provide you and your family with a cherished memorial to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Your Loved One’s Ashes in Glass

Our most popular glass memorial — a small amount of cremains is blown into a glass globe to create a unique remembrance.

Ashes into Glass - Blue Glass Urn
Ashes in Glass - Magenta Glass Urn
Ashes to Glass - Green Glass Urn

Purchase Our Ashes to Glass Memorial Globe

$295.00 - Custom Made and Shipped in 4-6 weeks

Inurn Your Loved One’s Ashes into a Glass Urn

For those wishing to inurn their loved one in either a full size or smaller keepsake urn, we offer a diverse selection of handmade in-stock glass urns.

Ashes to Glass FAQs

How long does a blown glass urn take to create?

Our glass ash globes ship within 4-6 weeks of receipt of the cremains from you (see below).
Any of our in-stock glass urns will ship within 1 business day of your order.

What personalization options do you offer for placing ashes in glass?

Our glass ash globes come in three colors, each available in three different patterns.
If you would like to discuss additional customizations, please reach out to us to discuss creating a custom urn.

Can I return a glass urn after purchase?

Our in-stock artistic urns can be returned under our 60-day money back guarantee if in its original, unused condition, and with the original packaging.
Our ashes in glass globes are custom works of art and cannot be returned. View our full return policy.

How do I send cremains so you can turn the ashes into glass?

Once we receive your order, we will send you a vial for the cremains, with instructions for filling and returning it to us via USPS. Please note: Due to regulations on shipping cremains, the shipping cost for sending the cremains to us is at your expense.

Are ashes in glass secure?

Glass urns for ashes are fragile art pieces, so please choose your display area carefully. You may want to avoid any area where they could be exposed to movement, easily knocked, or jostled.