Custom Glass Urns: A Cherished Work of Memorial Art

Helping You Honor Your Loved One with Custom Glass Urns

Custom class urns can be works of art that you’ll be proud to display in a place of honor in your home. Reflecting the care and cherished memories you have for your loved one, these lovely pieces would be welcome in any gallery.

Using vibrant colors and intricate designs, the shapes can evoke flowers, hearts, vases, something whimsical or an everyday object. You can even vary the feel of the glass, from smooth to textured, to create something uniquely yours.

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Custom Glass Urns to Memorialize Your Loved One.

Glass urns can act as a vessel for cremains or even have the ashes incorporated into the swirling design, as in our colorful glass ash globes. These are popular keepsakes for families who wish to share in the memory of a parent, grandparent or even a beloved family pet.

Custom glass urns can be transparent, translucent, or opaque. Some of our transparent custom glass urns include the option to customize the color of glass urns—allowing you to create a stunning memorial for your love one. Shape, stability, and closure types are also important considerations with custom glass urns.

  • Ideally, you’ll want a glass urn with a wider bottom and fuller body, to provide a stable container for the cremains.
  • Most custom glass urns are designed with a matching glass lid that is removable, or can be securely closed with a specialty glass adhesive.

Additional information about the options and limitations of glass is provided in this posting about creating a custom glass urn. If you have questions about these artistic glass urns, please visit our Custom Cremation Urns page for more information. If you’d like to submit an inquiry online, we can learn more about your request and begin matching you with an artist that will assist in delivering your vision.