Urns for Dogs That Let Your Memories Live On

A dog urn should reflect the personality of your one-of-a-kind friend. Whether you wish to celebrate the memory of Chewy, your bulldog, who never took a nap he didn’t like, or Baxter, your happy beagle, who had a passion for chasing squirrels, or Murphy, your chocolate lab, who could spend endless hours retrieving a tennis ball… it’s reassuring to know you aren’t just settling for any vessel to hold their cremains.

We offer urns for dogs that are artistic and beautiful, as well as affordable. Our artists design creative and tasteful cremation urns, and they understand the significance of creating vessels that honor your beloved dog and friend. Many of our urns for dogs are created by hand, reflecting both time and care.

Artistic Pet Urns Just for Dogs

While we do offer traditional urns for dogs, the majority of our collection is made up of more artistic options, including dog bone urns made of bronze and other fine metals, tennis ball urns and stunning ceramic boxes with creative, dog-shaped handles.

You may also find more whimsical urns for playful and mischievous pups, such as fanciful flower-shaped glass containers ― ideal for dogs who loved napping in your marigolds, or taking laps through your garden.

Our dog urns come in many sizes, from small puppy urns (for small breeds as well) to large urns (for dogs up to 100 pounds). If your trusted companion was more than 100 pounds, please contact us for additional options.

When estimating the size of vessel you need, the general guideline is one cubic inch per pound. Because many breeds of dogs have thick coats of fur or hair, you may want to subtract fur or hair weight from your total to get a more accurate estimate.

Browse our Collection of Urns for Dogs or Create a Custom Memorial

Review our selection of cremation urns for dogs to find the right urn to honor and remember your beloved pet.

You may also partner with one of our artists on a unique memorial for your beloved pet. For example, you may wish to create a statue or painting of your dog. Or, you may prefer something more abstract, such as a wood carving of the mountains along your dog’s favorite hiking trail. Regardless of your vision, our artists can help create a custom memorial that matches it.

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