Stone Urns: Transforming Rock into Incredibly Rare Memorials

Unique and beautiful, fragile and rare, stone urns for ashes are extraordinary memorials for those who are dearest to you. While the thought of marble urns or granite urns may initially evoke the image of a heavy, clunky piece reminding us of a miniature headstone, these works of art are often in reality elegant, resembling beautiful and delicately blown glass.

Stone Urns Capture the Essence of Eternity

Stone urns evoke the sense of permanence and eternity. Since before recorded time, rocks have held the world’s greatest mysteries about life and our existence, only to reveal these mysteries to some of the greatest artists and crafts-people. Many of the world’s most significant structures and monuments are constructed from these enduring pieces of the earth. A stone urn represents an emotional connection as timeless and powerful as the earth from which it is hewn.

Creating a Stone Urn is a Labor of Love

Stone turning is a highly specialized art, and it’s an honor to include granite and marble urns and other stone vessels among our collection of memorial containers. Stone is one of the earliest materials from which cremation urns were crafted. Stone vessels containing cremains dating back thousands of years can be found displayed in museums world wide.

Most of our stone urns are forged from alabaster, a translucent material that reflects a variety of colors, from creamy white, to rosy red and gold shades, to marbled gray and black hues. Alabaster is a crystallized form of gypsum, and its beautiful colors and rich veins are derived from minerals such as iron and copper.

Using his or her lathe, a stone turner takes a piece of alabaster weighing up to 300 pounds and from the deceptively fragile stone, carves a thin, smooth urn. To add warmth and depth to each of his pieces, one of our stone turners incorporates exotic woods from around the world into the rims of each stone urn. The wooden rim is woven into a pattern, ensuring that each individual urn is as unique as the person for whom it serves as a memorial.

The goal of our artists is to create a cremation urn that will pass the test of time, providing years of comfort and serenity to the family, friends and other loved ones of the deceased.

How to Care for an Alabaster Urn

A stone urn is fragile, so handle it with care. To maintain the integrity of your alabaster vessel, avoid putting it in direct sunlight and keep it dry and away from water. To renew the brilliance of the stone, simply rub it with a soft cloth.

View Our Urns Made of Stone

To honor a special person who deserves a beautiful resting place, select a one-of-a-kind urn from our collection of stone urns for ashes. To learn more about any of our pieces, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding the selection and care of your beautiful memorial vessel.

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