A Memory Every Day: Two Beautiful Examples of Final Wishes That Never Stopped Arriving

Telling family members you love them is a daily occurrence – and it doesn’t have to stop after your death. These two people found ways to speak to their loved ones every day, no matter what happened:

A Perfect Rose for Sadie

467880471When comedian Jack Benny met Sadie, a fellow employee at the film studio he worked at, he knew he wanted to ask her out, but he was far too shy. So instead, he arranged for a red rose to be sent to her every day. She found out, they started dating, and eventually got married – but the roses never stopped coming. Every day, for over 50 years of married life, the florist delivered a single, beautiful rose.

When Jack Benny passed away in December of 1974, surprisingly the roses kept arriving. Thinking that he had not been informed of her husband’s death, Mrs. Benny contacted the florist a week later, only to find out that her husband had paid for the roses to continue for the rest of her life.

A Daily Napkin Note

178885619Garth Callaghan beat his cancer, but for a while, he thought he might not. He wanted to make sure his daughter grew up knowing that he loved her, even if he passed away.

Since she was in elementary school, Garth had written a daily note on his daughter’s napkin. Some were inspirational quotes, while others were just fun sayings or thoughts he’d had. He wanted those notes to continue even after his death, so he set out to write over 800 more – one for each day until his daughter graduates high school.

Garth is still alive, well, and writing fresh notes, which you can view on his site, Napkin Notes Dad.

There are many beautiful ways to tell your loved ones you care about them, even after you’ve passed on. If you’d like to read more, Connecting Directors has an article full of these beautiful sentiments.


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