Une Belle Vie: The Story of Our Urn Store

Why (and how) we offer custom decorative urns at discount prices

Early in 2009, Une Belle Vie founder Mike Jamali was touched by a story on the national news about the growing need for decorative urns for families who choose cremation. According to the report, many bereaved families would like to honor their loved one with a unique decorative urn, or even a custom decorative urn. They are often faced instead with a frustrating array of uninspiring, overpriced choices, and a sales process that pressures and rushes them during one of the most stressful and vulnerable times imaginable.

A long-time entrepreneur, Mike saw a real opportunity to help grieving families find the beautiful, artistic and unique memorials their loved ones deserved. Working together with his 21 year-old son, Eric, the research that would eventually lead to the creation of Une Belle Vie was begun. The goal was to create an online store designed to offer a wide selection of unique artistic and custom decorative urns at reasonable prices, and without the insensitive hard sell so often associated with the funeral industry.

Eric’s life was tragically cut short in an accident not long after he and Mike began to lay the groundwork for Une Belle Vie.

Now face to face themselves with the very needs they had sought to address, Mike and his family ultimately purchased an urn that they felt did not truly express and celebrate Eric’s beautiful life in the inspiring way they had imagined and hoped for.

Beautiful, affordable decorative urns bring peace of mind to grieving families

In the weeks following Eric’s death, what started out as a business idea was transformed into a passion project. The family vowed to provide grieving families a way to celebrate and honor the memories of their loved ones with inspiring choices, affordable options and – perhaps most importantly – a dignified process.

"People are being taken advantage of in their most vulnerable moments," Mike explains. “They’re being pressured to buy an urn that may be meaningless and outrageously priced. I want people to know, hey, you do have options. If you want something extraordinary for your loved one’s final resting place, you can have it."

How Une Belle Vie offers custom decorative urns to buy at competitive prices

The main culprit in the exorbitant prices of many memorial urns is the huge mark up that many funeral homes and online suppliers charge the bereaved. It is a simple question of supply and demand. These sellers believe that families, in their grief, are defenseless against large markups and are unwilling to appear disrespectful by demanding a reasonable price.

At Une Belle Vie, we refuse to participate in this predatory system. We believe it is simply wrong to take advantage at a time when mourners are most emotionally vulnerable.

To ensure that our prices are within the reach of grieving families, we buy our decorative urns from artists here in the US and from international manufacturers direct whenever possible, as each middleman adds their own markup. Depending upon how many extra hands an urn passes through before it reaches the bereaved, these markups can double or triple the price of an urn.

Working directly with our artists also helps us to maintain the highest quality standards and creativity possible.

Our system allows us to offer beautiful, brand new urns at prices competitive with or even better than those of discount urns. Grieving families receive a measure of comfort that comes from knowing they are remembering their loved one with honor, preserving positive memories, and celebrating their beautiful lives through one of the artistic decorative urns in our gallery, or by working with our artists to create a custom decorative urn.

Throughout the purchasing process, we strive to create a supportive, compassionate experience whether your family is planning for the future or coping with the loss of a loved one.