Creative Cremation Memorial Service Ideas for a Unique Sendoff

Whether you’re planning your own memorial service or you’re planning the service for a loved one, you want to make sure that their service is memorable and unique to you or to the person whose life you’re celebrating. We have some cremation memorial service ideas to help you have the most fitting service.

Create a “mix tape.”

What better way to give the friends and family that attend your loved one’s funeral something meaningful to take away with them? One of our favorite cremation memorial service ideas is to give memorial service attendees a “mix tape” of some of your loved one’s favorite songs. You can either burn CDs or, you can go the green route and pick a site to upload the playlist and host it, then you can pass out cards with the URL information right on the card.

Not sure how to build a playlist? One of the best ways to figure out what your loved one was listening to is to open up their iTunes and sort by the songs that were listened to the most and you’ll have a pretty good idea of their preferences.

Have a candlelight vigil.

One of the more heartfelt cremation memorial service ideas is to hold a candlelight vigil in their honor. This can be especially cathartic if your loved one passed away under tragic circumstances. Having a moment of silence while you light candles in their honor can serve as a great way to unite friends and family in solidarity.

Release balloons.

The significance of balloons being released can parallel the idea of a person’s soul going to heaven. Cremation memorial service ideas around releasing balloons can vary. You can have slips of paper for memorial service attendees to write a personal message to the deceased and attach them to the balloons before they’re released. You can pick a colorful theme in order to bring a little levity to the service.

Have a fireworks display.

Want a cremation memorial service idea that people are sure never to forget? Have a fireworks display. Not only will you get to have people oooh and aaah into the night sky, but you can actually have your cremains incorporated into the fireworks gunpowder and have them dispersed into the night sky as your loved ones look on. You’ll create something beautiful in your death and we can’t think of a better way to have a great sendoff.

One Response to “Creative Cremation Memorial Service Ideas for a Unique Sendoff”

  1. From Zequek Estrada

    I’m torn between the balloon release and the firework display. Both ideas sound amazing for a cremation service. Though I think my final decision would be influenced if I would want the service in the day or night.

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