Resomation: Greener Than Cremation


Resomation: the greenest cremation possible

What’s the buzz about resomation? Well, many of us have made the decision to “go green” even beyond life by choosing cremation over traditional burial, which takes up much needed space. It makes sense that someone would want to do something good for this world once we leave it and it’s a completely wonderful decision. For those of you eco-friendly folks, we just discovered a new process called resomation that’s even “greener” than cremation, but leaves behind the same ash remains. If you’re interested in helping to save the environment, then you should definitely give resomation a look.

Puts out fewer greenhouse gases.

When you think about it, the fire used in the cremation process puts out a fair amount of carbon gases that aren’t very good for the environment. The substitution of resomation over cremation will cut the emission of greenhouse gases for your funeral by 35%. That’s no paltry amount! Why doesn’t it put out as much harmful gases? Well, because the process doesn’t use any fire.

Resomation involves using water and an alkali method to break the body down. The energy required to perform the resomation process is also lower. It’s estimated that it only takes ⅛ the energy (electricity and gas) than a normal cremation. Resomation also produces no harmful mercury emissions during the process.

Takes the same amount of time as cremation.

You may think that a process involving water would take a fair amount of time to break down the body, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, it takes just about the same amount of time as a typical cremation. The addition of the alkali process, called alkaline hydrolysis, works in just two to three hours.

Costs less than traditional cremation.

Many times, the primary reason for choosing cremation is to prevent the burden of a large bill for your family after you’re gone. Cremation is a relatively inexpensive process, but the prices and options can range from high hundreds to thousands of dollars. The resomation process typically costs around $600, making it cheaper than most cremation services.

The final product is also ashes.

Once the resomation process has taken place, the final product is a sterile liquid, which can be discarded back into the water supply with absolutely no harmful after effects, and ashes. Once the water is separated from the ashes, you can treat them exactly how you would treat any cremains. You can have a custom urn designed to contain the ashes, or you can be green and use the ashes to plant a memorial garden.

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