A Beautiful Butterfly Urn for Your Remembrance

Now I do not know whether it was then I dreamt I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man. ~ Chuang Tse

Languages tend to borrow from each other, from ancestor languages and from neighboring cultures. But for some reason societies around the world have resisted borrowing from the poetry of other languages to describe the ubiquitous and magical butterfly.

mariposa (Spanish)  schmetterling (German)  borboleta (Portuguese)
farfalla (Italian)  papillon (French)

Around the world and throughout time, population groups have coined the word anew and made it their own. Cultures find their own butterflies, write their own poems, paint their own paintings, and dance their own butterfly dances. This strange and wonderful insect evolved and scattered throughout the world, spreading its mythos and spiritual inspiration to different peoples in different ways. But, despite its diverse and personal influence, recurrent themes have always followed the butterfly.


Symbolism for Butterfly Cremation Urns

The significance of the butterfly, its representations, and symbolism can be almost as diverse as the origins of its many names. The western world associates butterflies with transformation and resurrection. Butterflies also carry an ethereal significance that’s more difficult to quantify but is easily understood by observing the butterfly’s flutter. Its movement is erratic and responsive to its surroundings.

Butterflies have come to represent the free spirits in a modern, peaceful society, as well as the childish natures of wonder and caprice. Butterfly celebrations and symbolism can be found throughout many cultures and religions:

  • Small pueblos all over the state of Michoacán, Mexico, celebrate the annual migration of las mariposas Monarca, the Monarch butterflies.
  • The Day of the Dead festival welcomes the mariposas as ushers for the spirits of the departed.
  • Easter is another big day for the symbolism of the butterfly, both as the resurrection day for the Christ and in the symbolic promise of a resurrection to all the faithful.
  • Christian tombs have been adorned with butterfly imagery for centuries to represent these concepts.

The Beauty of the Butterfly: Keepsakes, Urns, and Memorials

A butterfly urn can be a beautiful way to symbolize and memorialize the transition of life from the body to the afterlife.

Butterflies show us how to enjoy the present moment and make the most of our existence here on earth. They also teach us that death is just another transformation. We too will spread our wings and fly beyond the flesh.

For all of us, the butterfly has a message of hope and transformation, for a future beyond our mortal constraints, for flight in our most precious colors. An ugly and feeble caterpillar disappears into a chrysalis and dies to the world. It emerges from death transformed into something more beautiful and powerful than it could have imagined.

Butterfly Urn for Ashes: Memorials to Remember a Special Loved One

The representation of the butterfly has been a classic theme for memorials across history and cultures, and some of the most beautiful urns use butterfly configurations. For creating a truly unique memorial, we have often customized existing pieces, or created a fully unique custom butterfly urns with personal messages and artwork. Some ideas and samples of our butterfly urns are listed below.

Butterfly Keepsake Urn Ideas

Many motifs go nicely together with butterflies: flower gardens, angels, Jesus, hearts, and other butterfly companions—a butterfly should never look lonely. Ideas for custom butterfly urns could include:

  • Detailed and intricate butterfly scenes can be hand painted all around a metal urn.
  • A cloisonné butterfly urn with decorative enamel framework overlaid on a metal urn.
  • An urn can be sculpted into the shape of a butterfly or a butterfly scene.
  • Creating multiple small, or keepsake, butterfly urns for each family member to retain a portion of the ashes
cloisonné butterfly design—photo from thefreedictionary.com

cloisonné butterfly design

Butterfly Cremation Urn Ready-Made Ideas

We have a collection of butterfly urns that are readily available for purchase from our online store. These range from beautiful handmade ceramics to artistic metal creations.

For more butterfly urn ideas, view our full gallery of butterfly and dragonfly themed urns, or reach out to discuss creating a custom butterfly urn to memorialize your loved one.

The soul’s migration to another plane is a reunion of spirits, family, and friends, and a garden of butterfly delights is a new world of awe and wonder.

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