A Gathering of Sunflowers for a Special Grandmother

With their strong stems and large golden-rayed blooms, sunflowers have a way of making people smile and to remember the warmth of summer and the strength found in the comfort of a loved one’s arms. We recently completed this custom memorial urn for a cherished grandmother who was steadfast, strong, and embodied the optimism of a sunflower.

My grandmother, Bea, really was one of a kind. Grandma Bea was known for her smarts which she put to good use with her love of crossword puzzles and Jeopardy. She had a knack for wearing bright colors and was a wiz when it came to scoring a hole in one at the golf course.

She was kind, gracious, steadfast and strong. Her amazingly optimistic attitude and outlook on life were an example for all who had the good fortune of crossing paths with her.

One of the things I will miss most is the way she would hold her hands and shake her head when she was frustrated.

Life took my grandmother all over the country. She lived in more than 20 states and even spent time in Indonesia. Despite her travels, Bea was born in Kansas and always considered that her home. It’s no surprise that her favorite flower was the sunflower, the state flower of Kansas.

We will always think of Grandma when we see these beautiful blooms. We knew we wanted a memorial that incorporated the flowers, a reminder of how much light Bea brought to our lives.

After searching for hand-painted urns on the Internet we found Une Belle Vie. We worked together with them to create the perfect tribute to such a unique and special woman. Grandma Bea would love it.

Amanda P.

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