Continuing the Journey: Urns for the Traveler

For some, life is a journey, full of exciting destinations and new experiences all around the world. To these individuals, travel is just as much about the trip as the destination, and they live for the next plane ride, road trip, or international vacation. A unique life of excitement, travel, and exploration deserves to be remembered in an equally unique way.

 Our Fly Away keepsake urn is designed for the pilot who just can’t seem to keep their feet on the ground. Suspended at the top of the urn is a detailed model plane in flight; and since urn is made to order, you can choose a plane style that truly represents your loved one. You can also select either a keepsake or full base, and include a memorial plaque engraved with a name and dates. For the traveler who’s been to all ends of the earth, we’ve created the World Traveler urn. Made from a real globe, this full-sized urn is the perfect memorial for an individual who was always looking for the next new place to go. The globe can be ordered as-is, or you can contact us for additional customization.

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