Driving off in style: Blue Chevy Convertible Custom Memorial Urn

Jeanne Z. hadn’t given much thought to an urn for her recently departed father – not until she saw the cheap plastic urn the mortuary sent his ashes home in. She immediately went online in search of a proper vessel with a vision to grace its surface, an expression of how she and the family remembered him. Her search ended when she found this article on our site. The original and unique urn written about in that article has inspired many of our most beautiful custom urns and the customer stories that have come from them.


A classic urn, for a classic car collector

Jeanne’s father was a classic car collector his whole life. She said he really loved the particular Blue Chevy Convertible that ended up adorning the urn. The Blue Chevy is prominent on the urn, before an old gas station and the same baby blue skyline with white and fluffy clouds. Jeanne had no complaints. With little forethought, she had been able to find a Custom Urn Curator to create a beautiful, unique urn “that honors my father 100%”. We’re honored that she says she is proud to show it to people.

I asked my brother to find a cool urn when I found out the mortuary sent the ashes home in a cheap plastic urn.  With Une Belle Vie’s help, we created the most awesomely beautiful unique one of a kind urn that honors my father 100%. I’m proud to show people his urn because it shows how much we loved him and it is truly one of a kind.
Jeanne Z.

Let’s create a custom urn for your loved one:

No urn idea is impossible when you are speaking with a Custom Urn Curator. Our gallery of in-stock artist urns is here for you to look through and draw inspiration from, but your imagination is the only limit to finding the perfect representation of the life you and your family will forever remember. We specialize in refining this process to be as easy as possible for you. Our staff is easy to talk to, and our Custom Urn Curator is a consummate professional.

We love to hear your feedback. People look to the internet when they find themselves unexpectedly managing the impact of a death in the family, and the stories of satisfied customers can provide inspiration and maybe even a little hope. Consider sharing your story if you have a relatable experience and would like to help others memorialize their loved ones.

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