Glass Cremation Urns: An Artistic Alternative

When you think of a cremation urn, it’s likely you’re thinking of a typical metal or ceramic vessel of a very traditional shape. But glass?  Indeed! Cremation urns come in a wide variety of materials to suit any personality and celebrate any left. Glass is among the more creative materials available for a cremation urn.

Glass cremation urns are simply blown or spun glass vessels that have lids fashioned so that the vessel may be closed. They can be transparent, translucent or opaque and come in varying shapes and finishes. Here are three things to consider as you search for and select a glass urn for holding cremains.

Glass urns – beautiful cremation vessels for your artistic loved one

Shapes for Glass Urns

While it is common for glass urns to come in tall, thin shapes with narrow bases, this isn’t the ideal for your glass cremation urn. Ideally, you’ll want a glass urn with a wider bottom and fuller body. Wider bottoms make the vessel more stable and less at risk for falling over like a taller, thinner vessel. The wider, more voluminous body shape will ensure that your loved one’s cremains can rest comfortably inside your chosen glass urn.  As a note, 1 pound of human body weight is equal to one cubic inch of ashes (1 kg of body weight = 5.6 cubic centimeters of ashes). If you have a question about capacity on a glass urn, you can contact the urn retailer and have them give you the dimensions to assist in the decision-making process.

Closure Methods for Glass Urns

Most glass urns designed for use for holding cremains will have a lid made of blown glass to complement the overall design of the urn. These lids are designed for easy removal so that ashes may be scattered at a later date or a portion of the cremains transferred to another vessel, perhaps for a family member. If you prefer a more secure lid on your glass cremation urn, you might want to consider using a specialty glass adhesive. Keep in mind that glass urns with matte finishes and painted exteriors may require different types of adhesive. A trip to your local craft store or a call to a stained glass supply house like Glass Crafters can help you determine the best adhesive for closing your glass cremation urn on a near-permanent basis if desired.

Opacity for Glass Urns

Glass cremation urns come in varying opacities. Opaque glass urns will not be see-through and hide the vessel’s contents. Translucent glass urns are not completely see-through and will offer a hint that something is inside. Transparent glass urns are completely see-through and will offer a full view of the contents when not masked by paint or other decoration applied to the outside of the vessel. While all types of opacity have their inherent beauty, it’s best to know in advance how you’ll feel about a more transparent urn versus one that is not see-through at all.

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