Custom Cremation Urns: Individual Expressions of Life

Custom cremation urns – paint your own memory!

Custom cremation urns - paint your own memory!

A custom cremation urn can help you memorialize your loved one’s life in a lasting, unique way. A cremation urn need not only be a place to store ashes—it can also be a work of art and an expression of the rich and one-of-a-kind life that your loved one lived. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Metal urns don’t have to be the dreary, plain vessels we often think of when we hear the word “urn.” Because metal is a great material to work with, artists can design remarkable sculptures, shapes, and styles of metal urns customized to your taste.

Military urns honor your loved one’s service to our country. From a custom urn that displays the American flag and inscription with your loved one’s name, to a cremation box that showcases medals, honors or photos, custom urns commemorate the service and courage of your loved one.

Cremation urn jewelry is a type of jewelry designed to have a small, sealed compartment where you can store a portion of your loved one’s remains. No matter your design taste, there are plenty of custom urn jewelry options to keep your loved one close to your heart.

Complete personalization of a cremation urn or box may include an engraving with your loved one’s favorite quote or inclusion of a photo or image.

Pet urns help you celebrate the individual expression of the life of your pet and can be as unique as your pet was.

Of course, this list is just a sampling of the available options for custom urn designs. Urns may be made of many other materials, including ceramic, stone, wood, or leather. If you can’t find the exact urn you want online or through your local cremation society, you can commission a custom urn to suit your taste and budget. Cremation urns can fulfill a variety of meaningful wishes to memorialize your loved one. Most importantly, a custom urn can be a tribute and expression of a loved one’s life.

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