Green, Yellow, and Red: Displaying the Colors of the Flag of Ethiopia

Honoring the memory of a beloved nephew with the style and colors he cared about most.

The Ethiopian flag and the Star of David were symbols that were very important to Shandell’s nephew. They represent the culture and style with which he associated. When Shandell looked online for a way to remember her nephew and to bear his remains, she found Une Belle Vie offered a convenient solution. She had no problem understanding the process. And she communicated easily to the artist details of the specific urn her nephew would have wanted, an urn with the colors of the Ethiopian flag emblazoned with Stars of David. Shandell said Une Belle Vie met her expectations to the utmost and was very pleased with her final product.

“Your company is the bomb. I will definitely recommend you. I truly love it, and so would my nephew.”

Shandell C.

We’d love to help you create the perfect tribute:

The design of your perfect memorial is just a few steps away. Contact us, like Shandell did, and we’ll be speaking with you personally before you know it. We want to understand your vision of how the urn can speak to the life lived. Together we can create a special, personalized memorial for your loved one.

Consider leaving your story with us. When the creation of your custom urn is complete, help us to reach out to others with the story of your loved one and why that unique urn is theirs.

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