How to Select Unique Cremation Urns

Selecting a cremation urn-not an activity you’ve likely thought of doing. Perhaps there wasn’t an opportunity for your loved one to complete pre-need planning, or maybe you have never been faced with purchasing an urn. But selecting a unique cremation urn should be a process that allows you to memorialize that life with dignity and one-of-a-kind style. Following are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you start the process of buying an urn.

Take your time. Losing a loved one is unquestionably one of the most difficult experiences in life. Unfortunately, people all too often feel forced into fast decision-making without realizing they can take their time to find a distinctive and fitting tribute. While the actual cremation process will happen promptly after your loved one’s passing, the ashes can be stored in a temporary container until you have chosen the perfect urn. This means that you are not on a set timeline-you can make a decision in your own time.

Consider personality and design. As cremation becomes an increasingly common practice, the number and variety of cremation urns continues to grow exponentially. Urn materials and textures (including wood, stone, metals, glass and more) as well as urn design (from traditional to whimsical) are limited only by your imagination.

There are even extremely creative cremains uses, like pressing ashes into a vinyl record. Costs for purchasing an urn can range from a very affordable elegant piece to a custom-designed and elaborate urn. Whether you choose a biodegradable urn for someone who loved being outdoors or an urn with an engraved song lyric for someone whose favorite hobby was playing guitar, it’s possible to find an urn that uniquely reflects the vibrant life of your loved one.

You have rights. You have the right to choose the cremation urn funeral services that you want-you should never feel forced to take only what’s available at the funeral home, whether it’s burial services or cremation urn options. You can also ask a funeral home for an itemized price list for prices of products and services; doing so will ensure you’re aware of everything you’re paying for. Be sure to check state laws to know the requirements and options available to you.

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