Angel Urns for Ashes

“Then the child opened its eyes, and looked up into the angel’s beautiful face, which beamed with happiness” – Hans Christian Anderson

Custom or Ready Made Angel Urns Celebrate a Loved One’s Life & Faith

In many faith traditions, Angels play a protective role, watching over the innocent, and serving as messengers between God and humanity.

It is in this role as protectors that many turn to angels in times of dire stress, such as after the loss of a loved one, or in preparation for their own deaths. By making a selection from our gallery of angel urns for ashes, or commissioning a custom angel urn from our dedicated and empathetic artists, our clients have discovered the peace, joy, protection, and comfort they seek in a trying time.


Custom Angel Cremation Urns

While many people place their faith in the protection, guidance, and counsel of angels, our own clients and friends have expressed some frustration in finding appropriate angel cremation urns that match the awe-inspiring lives of their loved ones.

You may have a luminous  vision and are simply unable to find anything that matches the peacefulness or majesty of what you see in your mind’s eye. Or you may not have a firm idea right now of what would be appropriate, but you know deep in your soul that the only way to truly honor the distinctively gentle personality of your loved one is to create a custom piece, working with a skilled and sympathetic professional artist.

A custom cremation urn: the angel

Realizing Your Vision with a Custom Angel Cremation Urn

This was the case with one of our favorite pieces of angel-inspired custom art for a client who had recently lost a parent.

Simply known as The Angel, this detailed resin piece has been hand-painted, and perfectly captures the essence of our client’s mother who had recently passed away. We are delighted to have been a part of creating this custom cremation urn to help our client celebrate her mother’s memory.


Custom Urn: Angels of Elegance

Angels of Elegance

In the search for an elegant piece to honor the angels in her life, this grandmother commissioned a custom urn that would allow her to continue to be in the presence of these angels for eternity.

Adorned with seven bas-relief sculptures of angels (one representing each of her grandchildren), our artisans combined their talent with our client’s vision to create a uniquely moving and stunning memorial.

Angels of Elegance is another reminder of how many ways there are to celebrate a beautiful life.


View our gallery of custom urns, and a library of articles on how you can create a beautiful custom memorial for your loved one.

Unique Ready-Made Angel Urns for Ashes

In addition to the custom angel urns described above, we offer a number of options for those who would prefer to make a selection from our gallery of spiritual and religiously themed urns.

Hand-crafted from a variety of high-quality materials, each is as distinctive and beautiful as your loved one, and is perfect for sharing with family and friends the comfort the deceased has found in the arms of the angels. And each of these angel urns can be further embellished with custom colors, engraving, or a plaque.


Hand painted metal urn with a deep blue background, angel, & doves.


Hand-crafted wooden urn adorned with bas relief of  angelic child sleeping peacefully.


Serene-faced resin angel urn to welcome your loved one into Heaven’s glory.

Angel Pet Urns

Our gentle, furry friends have earned the protection of guardian angels too! Many of the custom and ready-made urns we’ve described above would also be a beautiful remembrance for your dog or cat.

If you are in mourning for a pet or companion animal who has left us too soon, we are available to assist you in the creation or selection of angel pet urns. Perhaps you wish to showcase a painting of Fido with luminous angel’s wings and a shining halo, or a remembrance of your beloved Patches romping in their favorite patch of grass.

If you have any questions about creating a custom angel urn, or making a selection from our ready-made angel urns for ashes, please reach out to us for assistance or call us at 877-397-7252.

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