Pre-Need Planning: Celebrations on Your Terms

Pre-need planning means a celebration on YOUR terms

Pre-need planning means a celebration on YOUR terms

How do you have the conversation about pre-need planning with your family, loved ones…and even yourself? I don’t know about you, but I’m faced with my own mortality each day when I get behind the wheel of a car and head from our house to the office. While it’s not a conversation I ever envisioned myself having, the loss of our son, Eric, placed our family on a path of not only recognizing the need for pre-need planning but that many don’t ever get the chance to say what they truly want. Choices and education are two of the most important messages we share here at Une Belle Vie. We want you to know how what we do compliments the pre-need planning process and helps decipher the “how to plan a funeral” quandary.

Now, we know it’s not dinner time conversation – but when the opportunity is comfortable, why not ask those close to you how they see you? Here are some great questions to ask (and they might even spark some laughter):

  • If you could describe my personality in terms of a material, would I be wood, glass, ceramic, leather?
  • If you had to draw me as a shape, what shape would you make me?
  • If you could pick three colors to describe who I am, what would they be?

All three of the questions above will help you do one simple thing: understand how you’re seen. One of the most important criteria for selecting a cremation urn that our clients share with us is that it should remind their loved ones of them. Their personality, favorite things and the texture of their life. With so many types of urns available, from one-of-a-kind creations to timeless classics, custom and more, there’s no reason to place your loved ones in the situation of having limited choices at a funeral home when you (and they) could have had a say in the matter all along.

Many of our clients are selecting decorative urns that express their personality and making them a part of their home’s decor. Another idea is if you have children who will want to share in the remembrance process is to select a primary urn (perhaps for burial or the family mausoleum) and complimentary or matching keepsake urns to share with your loved ones. As many ideas as you can come up with, there’s a pre-need planning solution for you and those you love. Embracing the process and involving those you care about can not only bring a higher level of understanding, but help you create a celebration on your terms without the stresses of last-minute arrangements.

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