Strange But True: The Latest in Odd News

Image courtesy of Reuters

Image courtesy of Reuters

While it’s great that I get to spend my days reviewing artist portfolios, selecting new art for our collection and working with families on creating custom urns, I do get my kicks on seeing what’s going on in this world of ours. I’ll hop over to Reuters and Yahoo! and check out their Odd News sections. Here’s a collection of what I thought was odd during my “hops” this week!

Guitarist falls ill after taking Viagra – Lead guitarist for a popular pop bad decides to recreationally pop some of the little blue pills used to treat impotence. Only he wasn’t even suffering from impotence and ended up not being able to see straight. Too bad he didn’t just find a nice girl.

Amorous Aussie roo has outback residents hopping – OK, I can’t stop laughing. There’s no commentary I can give on this piece that’s better than a quote, so here you go: “There was no doubt about what he wanted, the randy old thing,” a woman accosted while out on her morning walk told local papers. “I turned around and saw this big kangaroo behind me, so I hastened my steps,” she said. (Authorities are apparently not pursuing the “salacious mammal.”

Ninjas rescue Sydney student from muggers – Local ninja students foil a mugger. Talk about mugging someone in the wrong place at the wrong time. But here’s my question – I thought ninjas were supposed to be secretive and stealthy, not practicing in a park somewhere?

Lasers, iPods, for a funeral of a lifetime – Leave it to Singapore to let you go out in style! This $22 million columbarium boasts a $2 million sound and lighting system, niches for 50000 urns, electronic key card access for families along with plans for an on-site restaurant in the works. Reading the entire article is a must!

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