Death in the Family: How to Notify Loved Ones of a Passing

how to notify people of a deathWhen a loved one passes away, there are many tasks that must be handled almost immediately and one of the items that you or another close member of your family will have to handle is letting other close friends and family know that there has been a death in the family.

Unfortunately, this can be an incredibly emotional task and can wear many people out after only a few calls or visits, so there are some options for spreading the word that a loved one has died recently.

How to Notify Someone of a Death

In Person Visits: Choose the friends and family that you think would find it the most important to hear the news of a death in the family face to face. This can be siblings or children or even close cousins. You know your family dynamics best and should be able to choose who needs to hear this information in person.

Phone calls: Sometimes distance prevents a house call to deliver bad news, in which case, you’ll want to make phone calls to the most important people that live too far away to visit. They will need to know as soon as you can call them so they can begin making travel arrangements for the memorial service or funeral.

Phone Tree: You simply can’t call everyone close to let them know of a passing. The emotional toll that would take is just enormous. So it’s advised that you delegate phone calls to some of the folks that you inform of your loved one’s passing. Ask if they would mind calling two to four other members of the family or close friends to let them know of the death in the family.

Email: If you want to reach some slightly more distant relatives and other friends of your loved one, email is a good option. It’s still somewhat personal and you can reach a large group of people at the same time. Of course, make sure you’ve personally notified close family before you send a mass email so they don’t feel insulted.

Social Media: Finally, when you feel that you’ve notified everyone that deserves a personal head’s up, Facebook or Twitter can be a good way to get the word out to other friends of the deceased so that they can get information about their funeral or memorial service.

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