How to Turn Your Grief Into Generosity

Une Belle VieFall is upon us and the holidays are around the corner. But it’s hard to feel grateful or generous when you’re in the throes of grief.

Une Belle Vie has helped hundreds of families through the process of memorializing their loved ones with custom urns to help them both heal and celebrate. We chose this work because we know exactly what it feels like.

Our founders are parents who, while grieving the loss of their child, felt rushed and pressured to make funeral arrangements and find the right urn to capture the essence of their son. They vowed to offer affordable and inspiring urn options for grieving families ever since.

They also started Eric Cares, a program that works with the non-profit There With Care. It offers assistance and resources to families who have lost a child to a terminal illness and need assistance with funeral arrangements, including expenses.

While the journey of loss is difficult, you can turn your grief into good. Here are some tips:

  • Donate money. You can donate to charities that were important to your loved one. You can also donate in memory of your loved one. Organizations that can benefit from your donation include shelters, hospitals, churches and soup kitchens. Many offer this option in lieu of flowers at a memorial service or funeral.
  • Donate your time. You can give the most precious commodity we have. Donate your time to someone who needs your help by volunteering at a nursing home or at organizations like Meals on Wheels, or even by mentoring a youth who needs guidance.
  • Start your own charity. You can setup a charity or foundation to help raise awareness and provide financial support to other organizations that directly help those in need.
  • Support our military. The USO offers civilians the opportunity to send letters and short messages of thanks and support to servicemen and women deployed overseas.
  • Adopt a pet. People need companionship. If you find yourself feeling lonely while grieving, adopting an animal that would benefit from your care may be a generous gift that gives back to you.

We understand how difficult it can be to feel generous and grateful during the grieving process. Hopefully, a few of our tips will inspire you this season, and remind you there’s still good even though it might be hard to see some days.

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