Don’t get spooked: 5 things you need to know about cremation

about cremation silver urnWhat do you need to know about cremation? Well, cremation is quickly becoming a popular choice for Americans when preparing for their own final arrangements. With the influx of information, some facts need clarification.

Cremation (like traditional burials) is another way to prepare a loved one’s body for memorialization. It’s no longer taboo. Many famous celebrities have been cremated. And it’s important to remember cremation does not replace the tradition of a wake or funeral in memory of your loved one. To help you get a better understanding, here are five things you need to know about cremation:

Cremation is argued to be more environmentally friendly – Did you know that traditional American funerals are responsible for the use of 30 million board feet of wood for caskets, 90,000 tons of steel, 1.6 million tons of concrete (for burial vaults) and 800,000 gallons of embalming fluid? Cremation, on the other hand, offers greener solutions. For those who wish to have their loved one’s remains buried, burial urns and even biodegradable urns are available.

Cremation saves money – Cremation is a more affordable option. Many of us are still recovering from the economic recession, and others are older Americans who live on a fixed income. For those, cremation is the best way to go. According to this inforgraph, traditional burials costs have risen 827 percent in the last 50 years. That means the average cost for a traditional burial has risen to $6560.00. Cremation costs have stayed relatively low at $3725.00.

Cremation offers more room for personalization – Paying tribute to your loved one’s memory with cremation does not mean you can only scatter ashes. You can create a custom urn and have a celebration of  life party to create a personal memorial. The possibilities are endless.

Cremation: Hey! It’s portable – Since we live in a mobile society, you can take your loved one with you if you move or travel. You are no longer limited to a burial plot in order to visit or remember your loved one. You can create a private memorial in your own home or garden.

Cremation: it’s secular – Since most folks identify themselves as “spiritual not religious,” this is quickly becoming a popular option. Most religions now have special considerations if someone wished to be cremated.

By offering you more options and saving you more money you can easily see why cremation is the popular choice among families who want peace of mind when planning final arrangements.

7 Responses to “Don’t get spooked: 5 things you need to know about cremation”

  1. From Michelle

    Hi my father passed away on December 13,2014 and we’ll it’d been so so hard with out my father here we had him cremated and we’ll a friend of my husband made him a homemade urn and now it sits in the living room of my mother’s house it is placed on the corner table with decorations thar my children his three grandchildren have placed for him …..Can we keep the ashes and should we be aware of the bad things like people say to expect and they also tell me to always keep a white candale on…please reply and let me know of the goods or bads I should expect

  2. From Une Belle Vie Customer Service

    Hi Michelle –
    Look at the Handling an Urn section on this article
    And the closure types overview on this post may have some additional tips for you on how to avoid any issues with spilling cremains, etc.:

    For many, keeping the urn in a prominent place (such as the corner table of the living room at your mother’s house) can help cope with grief, and keep the loved one close. The choice is really up to the individual family.
    Just be sure that the cremains are secure (placed inside of a plastic bag if the urn is fragile), and be cautious of any pets or children that could disturb the cremains.

  3. From Jenna Hunter

    It is interesting to see so many benefits of choosing cremation. I like that it is more environmentally friendly and more affordable than a traditional burial. I might choose to be cremated when I pass to save my family from some economic burden and be nicer to the planet.

  4. From Larry Weaver

    I didn’t realize that biodegradable urns were a thing. My great-grandmother loved to take care of her garden and deeply cared about the environment. Since her passing, I think that finding a green solution and getting a biodegradable urn for her would be what she would have wanted.

  5. From John

    That’s a good point that you can scatter ashes. That allows for a personalized form of closure. I might pre plan my funeral to include cremation since it’s more eco-friendly.

  6. From Sariah Meagle

    My uncle was diagnosed with a terminal disease and wants to be cremated once deceased. It was explained here that cremation saves money and portable. Furthermore, it’s recommended to talk to funeral experts when considering cremation.

  7. From Mark Murphy

    I never knew that you could have a biodegradable urn! My grandmother was very environmentally conscious, and I know that she wouldn’t want to be buried. I will be sure to talk to her husband about putting her in a biodegradable urn!

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