Support for Grieving Families: Where to Turn in Your Time of Need

support-group-meetingWhen a member of your family dies, the grief is, at times, overwhelming. And it is an absolutely, completely natural part of coping with loss. You should never feel as though you need to “stop feeling” for the benefit of others. However, you may want to seek out support during your time of tragedy. There are many places you can turn in order to find the support you need.

Family and Friends

Remember that you have close friends and other members of your family to turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your grief. You can count on these people to do whatever they can in order to ensure that you have a shoulder to cry on or sympathetic ear to listen whenever you need it. Sometimes simply having someone listen can make you feel immeasurably better.

Religious Institutions

Whatever your affiliation, every religion has views on death. Your spiritual leader may also be available to talk with you one on one about your feelings and what awaits your loved one in the afterlife. There is comfort in speaking with someone regarding your loved one’s spiritual destiny after their death.

Support Groups

If you feel the need to share with people who are experiencing the same kind of grief that you are, looking at attending a support group is a great idea. Sharing your story with people who understand it all too well makes the burden of your grief more manageable.

Grief Counseling

If you reach a point where you feel that you don’t have the emotional tools needed to cope with your loss, it’s best that you see a grief counselor or a therapist. These professionals can help you sort out your feelings and get through this tough time to try and see a brighter new day.

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