Unique Ways to Celebrate a Life

Celebrate life in your own unique way!

Celebrate life in your own unique way!

The Ashland, Ohio Times Gazette featured a story this week about the quirkiest things their local funeral directors had seen people do to celebrate a loved one’s unique personality. Items buried with the remains were sometimes silly, like a can of beer or a pack of cigarettes. Some were touchingly sentimental: letters from children, photographs of family members, and even the remains of a beloved pet. One man preplanned his funeral with the request that his casket be pulled to the cemetery by a team of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Another asked to have marijuana leaves engraved on his headstone. A football enthusiast asked to go to her final rest dressed from head to toe in the colors of her favorite team, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Music of all kinds, from traditional to rock, sedate to celebratory, has been played at funeral services.

The point of the article is that no request is too unusual. More and more, people are moving away from traditional funerals, or adding onto them, with personalized details that celebrate their loved one’s unique personality, quirks and all.

At Une Belle Vie, we understand this, too. We’ve seen stories of services with well-loved stuffed animals attending, parties along the lines of a classic Irish wake and a musician’s urn made in the shape of his favorite instrument. Ashes can be sealed into jewelry, mixed into paintings, blown into glass globes or buried in a biodegradable cremation urn that will dissolve into the earth in time. Religious or personal beliefs may lead you to plan a more traditional funeral, and that, too, is a celebration of what made your loved one the unique person he or she was. Let your fondest memories be your guide in designing a memorial that suits the person you knew and loved.

If you choose cremation, consider one of our artistic urns. We have over 300 styles to choose from, in ceramic, glass, leather, stone, metal, and wood. If you don’t find the perfect urn for your loved one, talk to us about creating a custom urn.

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