Custom Urns: Blown Glass Memory Globes

With custom cremation urns, there’s virtually nothing that can’t be achieved. These beautiful glass globes allow a loved one’s ashes to be blown into the glass for an everlasting memory. Swirled with vibrant colors into intricate patterns, it’s a lovely celebration of a live well-lived. Four colors and three patterns are available. View the full product page for more information and to order.

If you have questions about our custom urns, visit our Custom Cremation Urns page for additional information. You can even submit an online inquiry so we can learn more about your request and begin work on matching you with the ideal artist to deliver your vision. We’re delighted these families trusted us to share in their memories.

5 Responses to “Custom Urns: Blown Glass Memory Globes”

  1. From [email protected]

    I looking for the blown glass with ashes in the globes and different shapes could you please help me. For people

  2. From [email protected]

    I’m looking for blown glass that you can do in shapes for people

  3. From Tonya Jones-Mccollom

    could you please send me a brochure of the glass artwork made from the cremation ashes….have several friends interested in this procedure.

  4. From brad

    I would like to have a collection of shot glasses melted down and have an URN created to store her ashes into. Can you guideme in the right direction on how to do that? Thanks BRAD

  5. From Une Belle Vie Customer Support

    Hi Brad –
    We just sent your request to Melody and she will be reaching out to assist you!

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