Using Pinterest to Celebrate a Beautiful Life

When a loved one passes away, our impulse is to preserve as many photos and memories as possible. We want to be able to share our memories with friends and family, and look back on them in years to come. These memories often take the form of physical mementos or framed photos – but you can also preserve them digitally.

Pinterest is often seen as a way to share recipes, crafts, and project ideas. Each “board” acts as a virtual collage or scrapbook, allowing you to add images and descriptions themed around a certain topic. This makes Pinterest ideal for gathering and organizing recipes or inspiration; however, the site can also be used to preserve and share memories of your loved ones.

Create Your Own Memorial

Creating a Pinterest account allows you to make as many “boards” as you like. To do this, navigate to your profile (found by clicking on your name at the top of the Pinterest interface), and click “Create a Board.” This will open a window where you can customize the board name, description, and privacy settings.

secretIf you wish to keep your board private between you and a few family members, select “keep it a secret;” you can then share access with friends and family by inviting them to add pins. For more information on settings options, check out Pinterest’s guide to adding and editing boards.

Once you’ve made the board, it’s time to start adding your memories. Simply open up the board and click “Add a Pin.” You will then be prompted to either link to the website you want to pin from, or upload an image from your computer. You can include photos of your loved one, artwork they created, links to a favorite song, images of their favorite items, or anything else you can think of. Once you’ve selected the image, you’ll also be able to edit the description.

Remember to encourage friends and family to add their own memories to the board. As new images are added, the board will turn into a rich digital memorial that you can visit at any time.

Share Your Loved Ones

We believe that every life is beautiful, and deserves to be cherished. To further this, we’ve created two new boards to share with you.

Our Pet Memories board is a place where you can share images of your furry friend who has passed away. From dogs and cats to rabbits and horses, we encourage you to share your memories with us!

We’ve also created a Client Memorials board, where you can share pictures of the urns you have purchased, and the memorials you have created around them. Whether you’ve placed a keepsake urn on your mantle piece or created a special place for a larger memorial, we would love to see how you cherish your memories.

If you would like to add your image to one of these boards, just send us a link to an existing pin, or  your Pinterest Username to be added to the group. Just click the accept link in your Pinterst notifications to be able to add your image.

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