How To Make Your Home A Safe Place For Pets

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For many pet owners, dogs are not only faithful companions, they’re also family. They get treated to special food, warm baths, and cozy beds and are pampered and loved. However, just like with children, if your home isn’t pet-proofed, it could pose a danger to your dog in ways you may not have even thought of, such as toxic plants or loose cords

Fortunately, it’s easy to make your home safe for your dog. It’s essential to take a good look both inside and outside your house to check for potential dangers and take care of them to avoid injury to your pet. If your dog is older, there may be health issues that could contribute to a dangerous situation, such as poor eyesight or weak joints, so it’s important to take those into consideration as well.

Here are a few tips on how to make your home safe for your dog, both inside and out.

Don’t underestimate your dog

You may think your pet can’t or won’t get into cabinets and drawers, but if there’s something inside that smells interesting, he’ll likely find a way. Put child-proof latches on cabinet doors to keep him from getting into anything dangerous — such as household cleaners or chocolate — and make sure your trash is covered, or in a cabinet or pantry.

Keep the bathroom off limits

The bathroom may not seem like a dangerous place for dogs, but if your toilet lid is up and there are cleaning agents in the water, your pup might become poisoned should he decide to get a drink. Consider using a child-proof latch for the toilet, or keep the bathroom door closed and the lid down at all times. If keeping the door closed isn’t an option, keep toothpaste and mouthwash out of his reach, and cleaners behind a locked door or cabinet.

Make your garden safe

Your garden or lawn should be as safe as the inside of your home, so make sure you don’t have any toxic plants that could harm your dog if ingested and keep all gardening tools, pool chemicals, and seasonal items like sidewalk salt and antifreeze locked up. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous garden; simply do some research to find out which types of flower you can safely plant. Creeping Rosemary, Canna Lilies, and Snapdragons are popular favorites that are completely safe for pups; click here to find out more.

Watch those cords

Dogs — especially puppies — will view anything as a fun toy, from window blinds to electrical cords, so keep the blinds put up when you’re not home and bind cords with a twist tie to keep them from snaking out and tempting your dog. If you do put your blinds up, make sure you keep the cord out of his reach.

The fireplace

A fireplace can be a great place to gather on a cold winter’s night, but pets who get too close can be burned by flying embers or ash, so make sure you put up a screen to keep everything contained. If your dog is older and has vision problems, keep him away from the area altogether with a baby gate or other barrier.

Making your home a safe place for your pet is essential, especially if he’s very young or is a senior dog. Walk from room to room and look for potential hazards, and make sure you communicate with your family members about the best ways to keep your home accident-free when it comes to your pup.

Robin created Safety for Pets with the hope of educating humans in ways to keep their pets safe.


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