Would Today’s Dracula Choose Cremation or Burial?

Would Dracula Buy A Coffin Today?With Halloween coming, we thought it might be fun to ponder if Dracula would buy a coffin or choose a custom urn if he knew the true comparison of today’s rising funeral costs.

Imagine you’re a fanged immortal with a severe allergic reaction to sunlight (it could happen). What if, by some chance, you met an untimely demise at the pointy end of a wooden stake? How would you want your remains to be handled? Since Dracula lives in a historic castle and most likely owns the surrounding Transylvanian land, his lawyer probably made sure his estate planning was up to snuff – in the event he got snuffed. Also, folks may not remember this but during his earthly life, Dracula was a real prince and military leader. Though his last noted battle was in the middle of the 1500s, he may still be eligible for military benefits. And while Dracula is technically undead and doesn’t need to have a living will in place, it’s recommended we mortals do.

Now, let’s take into consideration the cost of a coffin today. The rising costs of funerals have put the average price-tag for burials around $6,560 whereas cremation sits at a reasonable $3,725. We’re pretty sure Dracula didn’t amass all his wealth by being frivolous. (As this picture attests, Dracula was pretty frugal with his getup. He didn’t change his looks just because the times changed. He wore his frocks till the end.) According to this article, the marked-up cost of a coffin can be anywhere from three hundred to seven hundred percent higher than the actual cost to make it. Yikes! Though Dracula may have had ghoulish friends who hung around cemeteries, we think that average cost of $1,500 – $6,000 per plot (depending on where you live) might still scare the living daylights out of him.

So, if by chance he turned into ashes (by stake or sunlight), what kind of urn would he want? Since he’s from royalty, we assume he probably would want a decorative urn that’s regal or majestic, or maybe even something a little kooky. Or he might check out our video about custom urns and request a custom creation for a fitting memorial. Regardless, we know our talented Une Belle Vie artisans would create a custom urn that the even the King of All Vampires could sink his teeth into.

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