Which Urn Would Your Favorite Wizard Of Oz Character Pick?

Une Belle Vie Custom Urns

The beloved 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Since the film is a cultural icon we thought it might be fun to see which decorative urns would be perfect for the popular citizens of Oz!

Dorothy, our tornado swept heroine just wanted to go home. We know she would’ve clicked her heels together for our ruby red urn.

But what about her faithful furry companion? With more pets being considered part of the family we have a collection of pet urns worthy of your big and little dogs too. We can even create a custom pet urn that would honor the life your beloved pet! We think this pet urn is the perfect bone to pick for Toto!

Even though the Scarecrow was filled with straw, we think he’d be smart enough to pick an earth friendly burial urn. We know the Tin Man would just be wowed over our beautiful glass heart keepsake urn! This regal and artistic urn would be the perfect tribute to the courage of the sweet Cowardly Lion.

What would the Munchkins of Oz choose? These touching and cheerful decorative urns would delight their playful and happy nature. Even though they’re not a welcoming sight to see on the yellow brick road, we think the Flying Monkeys would appreciate our Valor urn for their impressive castle guard skills.

We realized that only a beautiful custom urn would work for Glinda the Good Witch of the North. Our exclusive Transformative Pewter Urn has a sparkling magical quality to it! Just like the Good Witch! The Wicked Witch of the East may have had an adverse reaction to water but we know she’d make others envious over this gorgeous green urn! While she may have been wicked her urn doesn’t have to be! Our dynamic Gentry leather urn is the perfect urn for the larger than life Great Wizard of Oz.

Here’s the thing — whatever your imagination can conjure, the artisans at Une Belle Vie can make come true. Life is a celebration, and we’ve been honored to have been entrusted with creating beautiful memorials for families from every walk of life and passion. You can view our custom cremation urn gallery here — when we look at it, we have to admit. We feel a bit…over the rainbow.

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