Creative Cremation Resources – Who Knew You Could Do This?

Celebrate a life well-lived with creative cremation resources

Celebrate a life well-lived with creative cremation resources

Yes, it’s true – you could have a custom cremation urn made in the shape of a drum if you’re a music enthusiast. Your family could also scatter your ashes in a place of special significance. But there are quite a few creative cremation resources we’ll bet you haven’t heard of in your pre-planning research. While it’s a fact none of us want to acknowledge, we’re all going to go sometime. Wouldn’t you like to choose how your friends and family celebrate your well-lived life? We work with artists every day on the custom urn side of our company, but here are some ideas that are interesting and unconventional – and who knows? They might be just the fit for you or your loved one:

Custom cremation urns: We have a lovely gallery of some of the pieces we’ve created for our clients. If you can dream it, we can find the artist to make your vision a reality.

Ashes blown into glass: Did you know that ashes can be blown into glass sculptures? See what that looks like here (blown glass memory globes).

Painting with ashes: This has gotten quite the buzz as of late! Artists are creating paintings using cremains. While the article has an overplayed sense of pun and metaphor in our opinion, this piece from AOL News explains how cremated remains are a new medium in the artistic community.

Biodegradable urns: For those who are ecologically inclined, you can become one with the earth in an eco-friendly way with a biodegradable urn. These urns shun varnishing and other preservative sealants and are designed to disintegrate at a rapid pace once they’re buried or undergo a water burial. Not every wood or clay/ceramic urn is a biodegradable urn – be sure to check!

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